Monday, May 05, 2008

Modification, Restoration, or Construction?

The rule of law is a myth in modern America. The Constitution has been abandoned, and in so doing the Government has gone from a lawful organ of the people to a group of thugs with guns pointed at our heads, making demands and cooercing our obedience.

Not an unusual state of affairs in human history.

So the question is, what form of government shall we establish to rule ourselves once the current regime collapses under the inevitable forces that tear such organizations apart?

Shall we modify our current constitution, perhaps adding more checks and balances, a new branch of government to oversee the others and ensure compliance? Or some other form of ammendment?

Shall we simply scrape out the current scum that inhabit the seats of power and maintain the current Constitution and body of law, and move on from there?

Or shall we build something new, another evolutionary leap drawing its memetic legacy from the Constitution, the Magna Carta, and the other documents and traditions that western liberal democracy have grown out of?

Those are the questions. We must use our logic and reason to discover the answers, or we face a descent into chaos and anarchy from which civilization will not soon recover.

Humans have the potential for greatness, the ability to turn our dreams into reality and live together with security and propserity for all. But there is no fate, no destiny, except that which we make for ourselves.

The time for choosing is upon us.