Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You have to lie to play

I've been looking for a job lately, and so naturally I am once again coming into contact with one of the fundamental flaws of our society: the need to lie to get ahead.

This is a game I refuse to play.

I will not be an enabler for the system of deciet that is known as "job interviewing." This is where you put on your monkey suit and see if you can guess which tricks the interviewer wants you to do. If you guess right, you get the job. The entire charade is symbolic for everything that is wrong with this culture. Style over substance.

The person who will best benefit the organization can be passed over simply because they wore the wrong tie, or becuase their shoes weren't "businessy" enough. Pathetic.

And now, with the advent of google and my refusal to hide my online writings behind a veil of anonymity, I'm faced with a further conundrum: how many jobs will this blog cost me?

Shockingly for many people, I don't care. I will not hide who I am. I get along fine with people on a daily basis, I am considerate, and I attempt to do the right thing. I am not ashamed of these writings, and if someone who comes here and reads them does not understand the point I am trying to make, then the fault lies with them and not with me.

My name is Michael Leza, and this blog is but a facet of who I am. I will not hide it, I will not be shamed by it, and I will not back down.


Anonymous CL Wilson said...

You da man! Well said.

Unfortunately, you are correct.

Soon, only the tight-ass, holier-than-thou will be able to get jobs in the government.

Well - there's always a future in computer maintenance. (Or, at least, so says Deteriorata)

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We don't all have to lie. Only unemployed worthless fuckwads like you.
Odd someone that thinks they have it all figured out can't even keep or job or find one without lying.

Go figure. I'm sure it's someone else's fault

10:47 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Excellent comment on personal integrity. Well Done.

Oh, and to the anon commenter: Tis easy to be bold when you hide in the darkness. Think about it.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Torodung said...

Consider, please, that learning those tricks is as valid as anything else. A model is an expert in letting their inner light shine to the outer shell, for instance.

You are right to not want a job where those tricks are the criteria of entry, but that is because what that employer wants is 'a slave.'

There are employers who don't want that, but we have to act like men and women, adults, to get those jobs.

Best of luck in your sojourns.

10:32 AM  

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