Thursday, May 03, 2007

What do we do now? (part 3)

So here we are.

Our President has the power to declare martial law.
Our President has the power to declare anyone an enemy combatant and hold them indefintely without charges.
Our President has the power to send national guard troops from one state to another to enforce martial decrees.
Our President has the power to ignore laws he doesn't like.
Our President has the power to spy on anyone, at any time, for any reason.
Our President has the power to do anything he wants, and no one in the government is inclined to stop him.

He has the power, because we gave it to him.

But they who give can take away.

Arm yourselves now. Stockpile food, ammo, gasoline, and don't forget a can opener and a spare tire.

Then we wait. Our time will come. We have overshot our carrying capacity, and a correction is coming. Peak oil, global warming, pandemic disease, and the collapse of the dollar are all coming, and it seems they are all coming at the same time.

We're heading into the era that will be called, when the dark age is over, "The Big Crash."

Our job is to make sure that some shred of civilization survives. That our great grandchildren, when they've put out the fires and started over from the ashes, can pick up the pieces and learn from them.

We must make it clear to history that this was not divine punishment, this was our failure. We screwed up, and now we will live with the consequences.

The ignorance peddling religionists must not be allowed to frame this in their temples as a supernatural event, to use the crash as a way to drive up attendence numbers so that priests, rabbis, and imams can live comfortably without working. We must make it clear that the failure was in our inability to shed our childish superstitions and our beloved security blankets. We were offered a challenge, and instead of rising to it we fight each other like children in a sandbox.

What do we do now? We get ready to survive, to teach our children, so that they can rebuild. So that the world will be a better place when we leave than when we arrived.


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