Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Message for the Federal, State, and Local Police

We can't let it go on. We can't let them destroy this country. Fuck that shit, and fuck you for loving them. You just sit back and watch me? Well fuck you. Fuck you for selling us out. Fuck you for not doing your job, and forcing me to take up the slack. Fuck you for wasting your time watching me and not spending your time doing your job: putting the tyrants who are looting this country behind bars. Fuck, you fucking cowards. You think you're so much better than me because you have a gun? Fuck you. You think your badge makes you special? You think you're immune to the shit you're doing to me?

When you're done rounding up all of us, what do you think they will do with you? A bullet to the head is a lot cheaper than whatever reward they promised you. You think once they get all of us rounded up and "taken care of," that everything will be good? You think its me that is threatening this country by questioning the people who are throwing away everything that made it such a great, special place to live?

Fuck you. Fuck you for selling out our people. Fuck you for selling out our families. Fuck you for selling out our country. And fuck you for being a self righteous little shit without the backbone to stand up and honor your oath to defend this country from domestic enemies.

Your oath was to the constitution, but the moment you listened to my phone call, the moment you put me in detention without my rights, the moment you even conceived in your filthy little head that it is somehow ok to shit on the Constitution that binds us together and guides us to lives of morality and justice, in that moment you didn't just sell us, you sold yourself. You went from being a public servant to being just another whore, just another hired thug in a long line of hired thugs. The money you draw to watch me, to imprison me, to unleash your rubber bullets and your teargas and your tazers and your hollow point rounds and your double-ought buckshot and your 5.56 millimeter high powered rounds – that is blood money. Not my blood. Not the blood of my brethren. The blood on your hands is your own. You and your family will pay the ultimate price, not at my hands, but at the hands of the men and women standing next to you. Once I am gone, once you've dissapeared the last of us, do you think it will all just suddenly stop?

Are you ready to pull out your service pistol, put it to your child's head, and pull the trigger?

Are you ready to beat your mother in the street?

Are you ready to watch your wife dragged away in the middle of the night because she annoyed the wrong person at church?

Are you ready to watch your husband and everyone else you love taken away from you for supporting the wrong ideas, the wrong candidates, the wrong policies?

You are the ones with the power. You are the ones with the guns. We have entrusted you to serve no man, no woman, but to only serve the law. You chose to take up that burden. Will you stand proudly and wear it on your shoulders, or will you let the tyrants crush us all under its weight?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A look back

A week or so after Hurrican Katrina hit, I realized I had downloaded quite a bit of really amazing video while keeping up with events over the web. Using my video editing software, I cut together a video I titled "Week of Hell."

You can view it here. I can't afford to pay for hosting fees for this, so its filefront for now. I'm looking into getting this on google videos, but I have no idea how to post content there.

This video shows us the consequences of our failure of vigilance. By letting our government slip loose from our control, we've left ourselves vulnerable. Until we regain control of the government, expect more Katrinas in the future.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

We Need Air To Breathe

This is not about saving the environment. This is about power.

What good is the biggest protest in history if no one sees it?

What good are the best ideas about how to live if no one reads them?

What good does all the shouting do if no one can hear you?

The enemy has taken the air, air that is rightfully ours. They have cut us off from that which belongs to us.

The air is not theirs. The air does not belong to corporations. The air does not belong to the government.

The air belongs to the people.

The spectrum has been taken from you, repackaged and sold back. But what they give back is not what they took. Instead, it has been polluted and defiled by advetisments for poisonous products, poisonous services, poisonous ideas.

Buy an SUV, we can always kill for more oil. Buy liposuction and then buy a lawyer to steal money from your doctor. Submit to power and it will protect you, question power and it will destroy you.

The holders of office have forgotten the faces of our fathers. Elections, oversight, and rule of law do not only exist to protect the people from the government, they also exist to protect the government from the people. Without elections, the only path to regime change is the path of blood and death. Without oversight, the people lose faith and trust in the government and wish to change it. Without rule of law, chaos reigns and people look for stability from anyone who will promise it.

The pigs at the trough of power can only see the slop in front of their faces. They roll in their own shit gleefully, gripped by the insanity inherent to all worshippers of power and money. They see only that which is placed directly in front of their snouts.

And now they have taken our voice, our eyes, our ears. They slowly, surely back us against a wall. They remove our options one by one, assured that they are impervious to harm.

No, they are not impervious. But we owe to our children and our children's children and the countless generations beyond to make every effort, make every gesture, make every attempt to end this reign of tyranny without violence, without violent confrontation. A civil war in this day will turn the world into an ash heap, and what few crawl out of the ruins will be a thousand years in the rebuilding.

To those who use our air, we say this: do not take lightly your obligation to us. Do not take lightly your responsability to this and all future generations. Do not so casually throw away the sacrifices of our fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers before them. Do not fail us now. Question. Probe. Investigate. Watch. Then come and report to us the truth, as pure as you can make it. Do not fail us in this hour of need. Do not shrink before the hard choices. Do not fall silent under the tyrant's watchful gaze. Stand and speak truth, pure and unfettered.

And woe to the decievers, for every victory they win in the now they will pay back a thousandfold on the morrow.

When the dawn of the next age comes, will it be to the blue skies of hope and justice or the red skies of blood and death? The time of choosing draws swiftly near.

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Beast Unchained

“May you live in interesting times.”
-ancient Chinese curse

Indeed. Have any times since the invention of agriculture or the printing press been as interesting as these?

The entire system of government that our country is founded on makes an assumption that, in the era of corporate owned media and super-partisan politics, may no longer hold. This assumption is that the people who are voting will be informed, and will be outraged when their government fails to live up to its responsibilities.

As we have seen, despite an almost continual string of scandals involving corruption, incompetence, malicious deception, and gross negligence, the electorate has failed to remove those responsible from power. A large part of this is the tendency of people to pick a side and stick with it, completely discounting any information that questions their chosen world view. Once a person's paradigm is crystallized, it becomes nearly unbreakable. This fundamental failure on the part of the citizenry to embrace their responsibility to truth over tribe is compounded by the unreliable channels of information available to them.

By breeding distrust of what has become known as the “mainstream media,” (but which would be better known as the “corporate media”), political operatives have closed down one of the vital branches of government: the press. In an era of information overload, where every person who wishes to stay informed must make decisions about where to get their data, it becomes easy to isolate oneself in a bubble of unreality, crafted by those who we agree with to match all of our preconceived notions and never call into question our fundamental assumptions.

This weakness has turned out to be the soft underbelly of democracy. This situation is compounded by the fact that many Americans are not properly taught critical thinking skills and lack intellectual curiosity, and thus do not have the ability to discern the differences between truth and the art of peddling half-truths, lies, and other deceptions known as “spin.”

Even those who feel confident in their ability to do so often get taken in by the spin. No single person has the time or resources to do the detailed research that would be required to fact check every news article they read.

This job, which should be performed by the media, is now often left to amateurs, such as bloggers and indymedia reporters. Unfortunately, most bloggers do not have the resources or time to focus on more than a few stories at a time.

And so we are left twisting in the wind, where those with the power to inform us choose instead to serve their own self interest, and those with the will to inform us do not have the power to do so. This leaves us with a government run amok, riddled with corruption, rotten to its very core, and little to no means to work for change within the system. The powerful and elite have taken away our peaceful means of keeping them in check, and believe that in so doing they have tamed the people. But those who try to domesticate wild animals know that it is only a matter of time before a beast, denied too long its food, air, and water, will turn on its handlers. And when that day comes, woe to those who stand against the fury of a wild creature unchained.