Friday, April 27, 2007

Interlude: Another papercut to free speech

Let us turn our attention, for a moment, to this.

A teacher was "disturbed," and an 18 year old student goes to jail.

Charged with disorderly conduct for turning in homework. An assignment to express emotion disturbs someone, and you go to jail.

Curb your speech, for if you break the thinnest skin of someone around you, if you disturb someone, you can go to jail.

The schoolteacher and the administrators should be fired. They have no buisiness in education. This kind of action belies a sickness in our society, a failure of critical thinking, an inability to see beyond the superficial to the substance.

This is exactly why we can't afford to be meek anymore. This is exactly why we can't afford to use qualified statements, subtlety, implication. The time for being sensitive to the weakness of others is over. The time for anger is here. The time for confrontation is upon us.

We each, individually in our lives, must make our stand. Draw a line in the sand and look this kind of stupidity in the eye and call it to account.

We few can change the world.

We who deal in lead.


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