Friday, March 10, 2006

A Thought on "Action"

Sign this petition. Be a citizen co-sponsor! Write your congressman and demand action! Call your senators today!

Bread and circuses.

We're being had, folks. Its a smokescreen designed to make us feel like we're doing something, while at the same time effectively getting us to neutralize ourselves.

They don't have to put us in camps. We've neutered ourselves. We blindly spout about "non-violent" protest and how the truth is going to set everyone free and how if we could just educate the voters, things will be fine.

Meanwhile, they've got people in congress holding meetings where lobbyists literally line up to loot the country. Blackbeard would be in awe of the audacity of these people, to pirate away everything of value in the plain sight of everyone.

We're not fighting back. We're participating in the illusion that we're fighting back to make ourselves feel better. Like so many things in our culture, you strip away the surface and find out that what you thought was true was a comfortable lie.

Well, its time we wake up to the truth. While we've been signing electronic petitions and getting our asses kicked at "non violent" protests by the police, those who would strip our freedoms, steal our wealth, and make women into property have been advancing their agenda ruthlessly and without respite.

You have to decide, right now, how far you are willing to go. If all you're willing to do is what you've already been doing, if you would rather live the comfortable lie, then go for it. But you'll always know that as you stood by, the last vestige of freedom slipped through your fingers.

As for me, my line is firmly drawn across election day this november. When they steal the next election, we will indeed live in interesting times.


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