Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do Americans Want to be Free?

As incomprehensible as it may seem to those of us who understand the stakes involved, we must consider the possibility that Americans simply do not want to be free. They've glanced over the whole freedom issue and decided that it simply isn't worth their time.

If this is the case, if Americans know that their freedom has been taken away by a Dictator-President and simply don't care, then no revolution, be it a peaceful revolution within the system or a violent uprising, will ever succeed in accomplishing anything except trading one dictator for another.

Even if every member of congress, the entire supreme court, and the executive and his administration were removed from office this very minute, if the people do not care about not having rights they'll simply elect more of the same. Like a man trying to solve his cockroach problem by stomping them with a shoe, we would find that for every congressperson we removed, two more people would be waiting to take their place.

If this is the case, a national scale revolution would be pointless. Provoking a police state crackdown (the only plausible method for success at this time) would do nothing but leave people even more oppressed than they are now. If these people are really this apathetic, or terrified of external threats, they will welcome the boot as it is planted firmly on their neck.

Should this turn out to be true, the only viable solution is to try and gather those who wish to remain free and form a majority in a sparsely populated state, perhaps North Dakota. Such proposals have been made before, perhaps it is time for those who wish to live free in a fair and just society under a rule of law, not a rule of lawmakers, to develop one of their own.


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