Thursday, January 26, 2006

Those who subvert elections do so at their own peril

What more do you need? Election machines are in place that allow simple, untraceable election fraud on a scale never dreamed of before the advent of ubiquitous computing.

The resistance to even the suggestion of electronic voting machines being compromised is easy to understand. Even though they do not consciously admit it, every person of even cursory education knows what it means when the election process has been systematically defrauded. Without the ability to overthrow their government peacefully, using elections, the disenfranchised will inevitably rebel against the tyrants who hold the keys to the voting box. Blood will be spilled, and chaos and destruction will follow in its wake.

No sane person wishes to see a violent revolution happen in their country. No sane person wishes to see their family turned into refugees by their own fellow citizens.

Sadly, the American love affair with the concept of "subjective reality," the ideology that all of reality is purely subjective and no one view of reality should be placed "above" another, has produced a mentality among its people that if you ignore something studiously enough, or if you repeat a lie often enough, unpleasant truths can be replaced with pleasant fictions. They have pulled the towel over their head and hoped the monster that stalks them is so stupid as to believe that if they can't see the monster, it can't see them.

This attitude, if left unchanged, will result in American blood flowing in the streets. This country will be torn apart as its people realize the magnitude of the loss of freedom they have endured. The people involved, after all, are not Chinese, not Russians. Not for them the meek submission to authority. This country is a land of misfits, rebels, and individualists.

Those who tamper with elections do so at their own ultimate peril. The longer a revolution is put off, the more intense it is when it finally arrives. In their wisdom, the founders of this country arranged for bi-annual opportunity for revolution. In their hubris, the rulers of this country subvert that process.

My voice is not the first to speak of these things, but in this time it is one of the few. I know, however, that in this land our chorus will not be quiet for long. Even if the powers strike me down and burn my words, the tide has changed. The water of revolution is rising. If the powers do not return to us the peaceful tools of overthrow, they only invite a return to the old ways.

Do these men and women truly wish to sharpen their own guillotines?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

darned powerful. couldn't agree with it more


11:58 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said: "The people involved, after all, are not Chinese, not Russians." It might be better to put it that we're not living in China or Russia, rather than saying that we are not of Chinese or Russian descent; for that is inaccurate. We are, as you said, a country of misfits, coming from all over the world. =)

7:06 PM  

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