Sunday, January 22, 2006

How Far?

How far do they have to go? At what point do you say, "This far, and no farther?"

What is your personal limit? What does the Government have to do to drive you over the edge, from a closet dissenter to a Patriot?

Its time to think about this, long and hard. The Government, in thrall to the red team, invaded a country who posed no direct threat to us on the basis of lies and misdirection. They did so with no regard to the safety of our soldiers, sending them in without proper personal body armor, among many other logistical and supply errors. During wartime, under direction of the President and his staff, veteran benefits have been cut and proposals to cut them again are in the works. Under the conscious, willing direction of the President and his staff, the United States has engaged in torture and murder, in some cases of men detained solely on the word of rival warlords in one of the most war ravaged, savage areas on the planet. All of this information can be verified in the press. All of it is factual. The administration has held American citizens without charges, trial, or any of the other rights promised in the Constitution. The Administration considers the Constitution to be a roadblock to its powers instead of the basis of them.

Defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Draw your line in the sand.


Anonymous ragridr said...

Ahoy, WalkingShark
I'm afraid the sheeples will blindly follow this illegitimate leader to their own slaughter. And then they'll raise a cry of disbelief: "oh no, we thought he was only spying on towelheads" - "why me, my skin is white" - "but I helped put you in power - you must protect me". Boy are they in for a surprise! Those currently in power care not one bit about America and less about Her citizens. They're drunk with power and now blinded by bloodlust. Thank Gaia for sites like yours. Keep printing the truth, bro; they will come.

12:23 PM  

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