Sunday, June 04, 2006


The founding fathers gave us every tool we need to ensure our government remains our own.

Those tools sit at the ready, the question is: Do you have the will to use them?

The responsability to defend your rights does not fall on any judge, any soldier, any representative, any reporter, any public servant. Those people are the tools, it is you who must wield them in defense of our Republic.

My people are lost in the wilderness, but they are both fierce and just, and when the time comes, we will roar out of the mountains and forests in a storm of rightous rage, and we will rain justice down on the tyrants and the workers of evil. Our Vendetta will be that stuff of legends, sung about until the stars grow cold and the moon covers her face for the last time.

I pity those who will stand before us on that day, for they will repay each second of ill-gotten bliss they steal today with a thousand razor cuts, and they will feel the barbs of truth rip their flesh unto the very bone.

Prepare yourselves, brothers and sisters, the time comes when we will be called on to rise up and defend our homes and families from those who would destroy them.

The tide turns soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:32 AM  
Anonymous Ra'Gridr said...

Shark, I admire your passion and determination. I too feel the cold winds of injustice blowing across our land. But I have lost faith in the people of this country; they've turned into sheeples, more concerned with voting on American Idol than our political elections. If ever there was a time to rise up, it was when the Supreme Court handed the presidency to Bu$h. Why we were not all outraged and in the streets still baffles me. I'm not giving up, I never will, but I just don't know what it will take for the sheoples of this country to wake up: soldiers dying for corporate profits? Nope. The growing gap between the uber rich and the rest of us? Nope. Families thrown into bankruptcy and ruin by medical expenses? Nope. The continued devastation of our planet? Nope. I am no leader myself, but am impatiently awaiting one, for I am a warrior and look forward to this fight.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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