Thursday, September 28, 2006

A final plea

To anyone who might read this and has the power: Save us, before we are forced to save ourselves.

Use the power of the pen, use the rule of law, use logic, rhetoric, and truth and free us from the Authoritarian Fascists who are corrupting our government.

Use your power so that we might avoid having to use ours. Use your power to save us peacefully, before we find ourselves forced to save ourselves with the only power we have.

If we save ourselves, we will survive, but there is no telling what form our survival will take.

But I promise you, we will not stand by forever. We will not allow our country to become the abomination that so many other empires have become. We will not sleep forever.

Make sure that when we wake up and look around, things have been set to rights, or we will put our house in order by whatever means are neccessary.

This is my final plea. I will not ask again.


Anonymous Millicent said...

It's a shame that humans have created oppressive societies in which people must beg for safety, equality and freedom. It's a shame that they must resort to brutal violence in order to express their feelings of anger and frustration generated from injustice. I believe the more we organize ourselves with love, hope and respect for one another, the more this horrendous, isolating, fragmented, self-hating reality/society will dissolve. We must continue to pursue our visions of peace and love and connection, regardless of the circumstances...we must prevail. We must start by looking within ourselves. We must overcome what an oppressive society like ours has inflicted upon us. We have many wounds to heal. We can start the healing process by truly loving and caring for yourself.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Millicent said...


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